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Frequently Asked Questions about Radiation-Neutralizing Qi Technology.

You’re still here. Well you probably have questions.

Here are the most common ones we hear…

Do they protect from 5G?
Yes, the Qi technology neutralizes the effects of radiation from all EMF-emitting devices, creating a blanket of protection for you and your family.
How much is shipping?
Shipping is free to anywhere in the world. If you are an International customer, you also have the option to pre-pay the import duties so that delivery is literally to your door.
Will this slow down my wi-fi internet or devices?
No, Qi technology has no effect on the performance of your wi-fi or any devices.
What percentage of EMF does the device block?
It doesn’t “block” the EMF radiation, it neutralizes (depolarizes) the radiation within the device’s field. Radiation is what causes all the damage. Qi gives you 100% protection from the effects of damaging EMF radiation.
Can you get through airport security with the Qi?
Although we can't 100% guarantee it, in our experience the portable devices, Qi-Me and Qi-Shield, can pass through security with no delay. That has been our experience after hundreds of flights.
Which device is best for me?
If you want personal protection from your phone and devices very near your body…choose Qi-Me or Qi-Shield.

If you want protection in your office or small room that you can carry with you in a purse or handbag – choose QI-Shield.

If you want protection for your home – choose at minimum a Qi-Home.

If you want protection for a larger home or place of business – choose Qi-Max.

How much area does each one cover?
Please see the device image diagram above.
Will it protect from 6G in the future?
Yes, the devices are future proof.
Does it need to be plugged in?
No, QI devices require no electricity
Can I carry it with me?
The Qi-Me SHOULD always be carried on your person.
The Qi-Shield can be carried in a purse or backpack
The Qi-Home and Qi-Max are not portable devices.
Is it safe for pets?
Yes, not just safe, but very beneficial.
How do I install them?
No installation required. They are ready out-of-the-box.
Do walls obstruct their protection field?
No. Only solid concrete walls or walls more than two-foot thick (extremely rare) would cause any obstruction.
Is it safe for people with heart disease, high blood pressure, etc?
Yes, 100% safe.

Synergy Science Refund Policy:

30 day money back guarentee from shipping date. Minus shipping fees providing it is returned in original condition with no damage to packaging or device.

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